Kenny Pittock


Keep an eye out for Kenny’s murals at the main festival space at Inveresk and popping up on walls around the city. His paintings respond to contemporary Australian culture and iconography by poking fun of some things and celebrating others.

Curated by Pippa Mott

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Opening Monday 14 January, 56pm
Tuesday 15Sunday 20 January
Continues until Sunday 3 February
Ground floor, Launceston Workers Club, Launceston
Opening Tuesday 15 January, from, 6.30pm
Wednesday 16Sunday 20 January
Continues until Wednesday 17 April
School of Creative Arts, Launceston
Free (but you’ll need a ticket from Friday 18–Sunday 20 January)
Opening Friday 18 January, from 8pm
Saturday 19 + Sunday 20 January
Albert Hall, Launceston